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Is Twisted Tea Gluten Free – Twisted Tea Ingredients

Finding your favorite gluten-free adult beverage can be tricky. If you’re a Twisted Tea lover, you’re gonna want to read this to find out if Twisted Tea is gluten-free. Some people think gluten is found only in foods. When in reality, gluten can be found not only in foods, but in drinks, spices, vitamins, and adult beverages as well. As someone who has been gluten intolerant for well over a decade, I even have to watch what soaps and shampoos I use. In some cases, you may find a certain type of alcoholic beverage is gluten-free but a different type, or brand, is not. It’s important to know if the ingredients in your beverage of choice will conform to your gluten-free diet.

Is Twisted Tea Gluten Free

Unfortunately, for those of you who are gluten free and love Twisted Tea, you are out of luck. Twisted Tea DOES contain gluten. Sorry folks. This is one that is going to disappoint some people because of its popularity. Especially in the summer months, I see these drinks all over the place. When you take a look at the ingredients in Twisted Tea, you’ll know why it contains gluten.

Twisted Tea Ingredients

So, why is Twisted Tea off limits to the gluten free crowd? Well, that’s because Twisted Tea is basically considered a malt beverage. Malt is basically a malt cereal grain, like a barley. The B word. That was one of the first ingredients I learned to avoid and the Twisted Tea ingredient you should avoid. Typically, you’ll find Twisted Tea sold where bottled alcoholic drinks are sold so many think they are a type of beer. One might say well, hey isn’t plain tea gluten-free? To which I would say yes, however, that is just one ingredient in the product. There are several flavors of Twisted Tea, however, they all contain malt which is not gluten free. Any option you consider, just make sure you have gluten free ingredients. You’re better off grabbing a hard seltzer like a Claw or a Topo Chico!

  • Lemon
  • Vodka
  • Tea (Tea Leaves)
  • Mint
  • Malt

Twisted Tea Alternatives

There aren’t any real similar options for Twisted Tea Alternatives. You could always brew your own tea and top it off with your spirit of choice. I was on a Titos and Tea kick a while back but the caffeine was a bit much for me. The main thing to remember with Twisted Tea is that it is malt based so you won’t be able to replicate the drink’s taste or texture. Malt beverages typically are in a class of their own. Again, there are other options for Twisted Tea Alternatives such as hard ciders or hard seltzers. My personal preference is Topo Chico which is a hard cider with minimal carbonation which is what I like. A search on Youtube surfaced the video below which describes a Keto Twisted Tea Alternative. Just make sure all your ingredients are gluten free!

Twisted Tea Flavors

  • Original
  • Half & Half
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • Cherry
  • Lime
  • Coconut
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Blueberry