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Gluten Free Shopping and Restaurants

Shopping and eating under a gluten free diet may seem like a challenge nowadays. That’s because breads, tortillas, beers, and other gluten containing products are highly popular in menus and food products at this time. Because of all of this, you have to be a little bit savvy when you go to shop or eat out at a restaurant. Maintaining a gluten free way of life isn’t impossible, but it may take a little getting used to. Here is a guide to help you when you go out for something to eat or bring home.

Where is Gluten Found

Gluten is mainly found in wheat, barley, rye and oat products, so you want to avoid those on any shelves or menus. Breads, pastas, tortillas, beers, and many cereals are all on the “no” list for a gluten free diet. While it is easy to spot these forms of gluten, traces of the substance are also found in many processed foods. You never can be too sure what you are eating is gluten free. The breading on a piece of chicken or the mal of a drink could make it a gluten product, even if it might not be naturally.

Check Nutritional Guides

The best way to avoid hassles with these sorts of products is to check the ingredients on the back of your packages. If you are going to a restaurant, ask to see a nutritional guide for the food so you can see what you will be able to eat. If the restaurant cannot provide that, you may have to speak to a manager about a specific dish you want to see if it is gluten free. As long as you explain what foods you must avoid, the manager should be able to come up with a suggestion to fit your needs.


As a whole, sticking with vegetables, potato products, and distilled drinks should provide you with a gluten free diet. While your cabinets might not be as full as someone else, you can at least buy foods that are tasty and safe for you to eat. Living a gluten free life will help eliminate symptoms of your gluten intolerance, making all the special considerations well worth the hassle. You can still go out to eat and you can still buy food off the shelves. You just have to be smart about your purchases. In doing that, you can make your health a lot better along the way.