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Gluten Free Snacks

There are many people today throughout the world that have to deal with gluten intolerance and sensitivity to gluten in everyday foods. For those who deal with gluten issues, dietary concerns are important no matter where you are. Getting that craving for a snack or meal while you are out running errands, driving to or from work or recreational activities or even planning a long holiday, finding gluten free snack foods can be a challenge and planning ahead is important. Without a game plan in place, you may find yourself without the nourishment you need while out running around during the day, until you reach your destination where your gluten free foods await you at home.

Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

Stick with the basics and you are sure to be satisfied when it comes to healthy snack foods. Fruits and vegetables are important food groups that are not to be ignored when it comes to anyone’s dietary requirements, especially those who have sensitivities to gluten.

  • Fresh fruit and veggies can give you the added energy you need to get your work done and keep your hunger at bay until your next meal while avoiding any gluten in your diet.
  • Many fruits and vegetables do not need to be refrigerated and are easily carried with you in the car, to the office or the gym without spoiling.
  • For those who prefer a variety, dried fruit can give you the ability to bag up your favorite snack and throw them in your purse, briefcase or backpack without a worry of your fruit getting squished or bruised before eating.

Favorite Gluten Free Snack Foods

Satisfy Your Salt Craving

For those who are looking to satisfy a salt craving, almonds, mixed nuts or even rice cakes can be a great way to take care of those mid-day munchies while eliminating gluten from your diet. Not only are they filling but also healthy and full of essential protein that is needed each day.

  • You can top off your rice cakes with additions such as peanut butter or preserves that you are sure are gluten free to give yourself a special treat.
  • Having baggies of mixed nuts or almonds and rice cakes are great snacks for in the car while travelling, perfect for leaving at work in your desk or your purse for that long commute. There is no need to worry about a mess or having your snack spoil at all.

Enjoy Everyday Snacks

For those who wish to enjoy everyday snacks just like your neighbor, there are many companies that manufacture gluten free treats including cookies, crackers, candies and even chips for all to enjoy. Do not feel that you have to be left out because you are dealing with gluten allergies or sensitivities. Many more like yourself have to adjust their dietary regime in order to get their essential nutrients and still manage to enjoy a bag of cookies or box of crackers as they please. Even gluten free dry cereal makes a great snack for those who wish to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving at home or at the office.

Healthy Gluten Free Snack
Healthy Gluten Free Snack